It’s a GO! The Mill Town tasting room…

It’s been a long time coming, but we are one step closer, one GIANT step closer, to opening our tasting room!  August 2, we had our public hearing before the Bonner County Planning Commission and presented our case for a Conditional Use Permit that would allow us to open the distillery to the public, open a tasting room, a Mill Town liquor store, and hold events and tours.  Like I said, this is a GIANT step forward in our journey and is something we have wanted to accomplish for the last several years.  A lot of hard work lies ahead before we can announce our grand opening, but it’s work we are looking forward to starting.

We’ll begin soon on remodeling part of the distillery for our tasting room and improving the grounds to be more user friendly.  We’ll be doing a little fundraising, a little bit of asking for help, and a lot of planning with some plumbing and carpentry thrown in.  We’ll end each day tired, but hopefully feeling accomplished.  We know there will be set backs, but we’ll power through, just like always, in our work to bring this little dream to life.

We envision a future for the distillery that will include more community connection with tours, classes and events for the farm and distillery.  A future that allows us to bring people to the farm and share what we do and to help people connect with the land and the farmers that create some pretty amazing products.  A future that supports local businesses, not only ours, but all those small businesses that make up our amazing community.  We look forward to supporting other growers, producers, crafters, and artisans that help to make this area so uniquely diverse and beautiful.  We see a future that brings more education and fun opportunities into our area.  And most of all, we look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces at our door, and inviting you to share a little bit of our world.

So keep checking back, follow us for updates, say hi and ask how it’s going when you see us.  We look forward to sharing our story and the journey to opening day!