Mill Town + 7B Sunday @ Schweitzer

Summer is here!  Thank the stars we are finally seeing some sun, beach days are here and cold fruity cocktails are sweatin up our favorite drink glass.  The sunny days also bring LOTS of fun things to do in our beautiful area.  7B Sunday is a perfect example. Hosted by Schweitzer Mountain Resort on the last Sunday of June, the mountain fills up with vendors and fun seekers alike.  Schweitzer opens the village to food trucks, crafters, charity organizations, and all Bonner County businesses.  We have done this event 2 years in a row and love it!  The turnout is always amazing, the organization is spot on, the faces are friendly and this year was no exception.  


Setting up our booth on a beautiful sunny Sunday is no chore when we have such a wonderful venue.  We were ready to roll by 10 and served samples NON-STOP until 5:00!  I love doing these events and introducing our products to new people and seeing the familiar faces of faithful patrons.  It’s hard not to be happy on such a beautiful day, in such an amazing place, with so many smiling people and, I won’t lie, giving people free booze never hurts!  

Can’t beat this view!

We had such a positive and enthusiastic response from everyone we met on Sunday and I want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and took the time to show their support.  I am also going to take a minute to answer some common questions about your local (and favorite of course) distillery.



Serving up spirits samples at 7B Sunday at Schweitzer

#1 Question of the Day…Where are we located?

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.  Ok, not really!  I promise.  We are just west of Dover near the Carr Creek area.  No, we don’t have signs.  No, we are not in hiding.  No, we are not trying to become Sandpoint’s best kept secret.  We are just not zoned to have visitors so we don’t advertise our location.  But we want to!  And that is something that we are working on.  


#2  Do we have a tasting room or offer tours?  

No and no.  This has everything to do with the answer to the #1 Question of the Day.  We are actually a farm and grow much of our own ingredients and we are zoned as such.  That means we are allowed a VERY limited number of visitors at any one time.  It makes it very difficult to have regular hours for tours and tastings.  We are planning on taking the next step to being permitted for a tasting room very soon!  We are also undergoing some infrastructure improvements to get us closer to being able to open a tasting room and liquor store for Mill Town products.  WHAT?!?! Yes!  We will be able to sell your favorite products from the distillery.  We love this little slice of paradise that is our farm and we are very much looking forward to sharing it with you all.


#3  Where can you get our products?

Henry, basking in the sun at our busy booth.

All Mill Town products are available at any Idaho State Liquor store.  Locally that means the liquor store next to Sandpoint Super Drug and Safeway, near Walmart in Ponderay and at the Market at Schweitzer.  You can find a full list of stores and Mill Town product availability at


You can also enjoy Mill Town mixed drinks at area bars and restaurants including Chimney Rock Grill at Schweitzer (see our spotlight blog here), Trinity at City Beach, and Jalapeno’s Mexican Restaurant.  We are always working on expanding this list, so check back as we add more venues.


#4  Why are all of our products clear?

We offer 4 spirits right now, an 80 proof and a 120 proof corn whiskey, a light rum and our barley vodka.  All of these are unaged, meaning they have never been in a barrel.  The color you see in brown liquors is typically from being aged in a charred barrel or from artificial coloring agents (which we do not use).  We will be offering some aged products in the near future so be sure to check back to stay updated.  

#5  How long does it take to make our spirits?

A typical batch is about 2 weeks from start of fermentation to distillation.  This varies somewhat with the weather conditions (very cold or very hot weather), quality of the conversions, etc.  Certain spirits take a little longer or convert a little slower depending on the type of mash.


Do you have a question for us?  We will do our level best to satisfy your curiosity.  Check in with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, send me an email or give me a call.  We love to hear from you!

A beautiful day to be up on the hill.